How to use the Kroger app to save on Groceries?

I used to think that buying groceries at any store other than Walmart was going to be way too expensive. However, once we moved to our second house and ended up living right down the street from a Kroger, my husband tried to push me to try it out more.

I remember the day he told me to shop there instead and see if it truly was more expensive or was actually comparable.

The first time around I did not shop as smart, and I was not fully aware of all the benefits in the Kroger app. Once I completed my first shopping trip, I downloaded the Kroger app and decided to learn more. So, that it was I suggest you do first as well–Step 1: download the Kroger app to your phone or mobile device.

It is free in the App Store and easy to set up an account. 

How To Save Money With The Kroger App

This app has a great “Savings” feature on the bottom section. It is right in the middle between Weekly Ads and Shop. Also easily identifiable by the $ symbol. This is where you will find two different options: Coupons and Cash back. 

When you click on “view all coupons” you will be able to see all of the ones currently available as well as the items linked to each one. Make sure to click the blue “clip” button on the ones you want or they will not be applied at checkout.


Be sure to pay attention to the details of the coupon. Can it be used up to five times in one transaction? Can it only be used one time? It is reusable? Kroger offers many options when it comes to their coupons so keep an eye out. They also stack well with some of their Mega events too.


Another way to save money utilizing the Kroger app is to view the weekly ad. There you will see what is currently on sale, a big promotion, or a great deal! Use this when planning out your menu so you can optimize your savings. 

By using my Kroger Rewards Card, I also save a lot of money when fueling up my car; I’m always wondering how many points I have left (or how much I’ll save). It’s easy to see your current fuel points and community rewards on the Kroger App’s “Rewards” tab. It adds up fast but they also expire, so make sure to use them!

Other Helpful Features Of The Kroger App

This app is fabulous for helping you while in the store as well. Sometimes I have a hard time locating an item. So, I just type it into the Kroger app search bar and it will tell me what isle it is located in. It’s a map at my fingertips and makes my shopping trip much faster than it would have been otherwise. 

If you aren’t sure where is the closest Kroger store to you is, do not worry. You can find it very easily be going to the “store locator” tap in the app. 

Although I do not personally use Kroger Pay, I know others do. Kroger Pay lets you pay for your groceries with just a scan of your Kroger Card. Think Apple Pay, but for Kroger. 

Like many of us, we have prescriptions that need to be filled. The Kroger app makes filling prescriptions and checking on the status of them very easy as well.  Be sure to check out that feature. 

Did you know that the Kroger app actually have a “recipes” tab? Neither did I, until recently. I wish I had known about it sooner! It is fantastic for coming up with meal ideas while planning out your grocery list. 

Have you downloaded the Kroger app yet?


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