About Me

Hey! I’m Tenille and I truly believe it is possible to live a happy and fulfilling life while also being on a budget. Through many years of personal experience, I have become a talented grocery budgeter.

I love how my parents raised me by teaching us how to create a grocery list, a dinner menu for the week, and how to stick within a budget at the store.

I typically went shopping with them and over time learned their tricks to get the things we needed for the right prices.

Then once I went away to college, I had to put it into practice myself. When I met my now husband and we got married we still had a couple of years left at college.

Boy, I tell you, there is nothing like a young married couple’s tight college budget! Most weeks our maximum spending limit was $50. Tight, tight, tight!

However, we made it work and we still ate well! I credit that to being taught many of the things I was taught growing up.

There are hundreds if not thousands of food blogs on the internet these days. It is extremely difficult to stand out and be found.

However, I believe I truly bring a unique spin to the table and can be a true asset to those seeking help feeding themselves and their families when money is tight.

So, please keep on visiting, comment, ask questions, subscribe, pin, and follow, and continue to find ways to keep as much money as possible in your wallet while feeding those bellies!


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